radeon-pro-software-for-enterprise-20.q3AMD has just released the latest version of its enterprise driver – Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 20.Q3. The new driver provides performance optimizations, intelligent power management, and improved image quality, to name a few features for professional graphics users.

Among these features include:

  • Up to 15% faster performance in the geomean of the SPECviewperf 13 benchmark viewsets compared to the 19.Q3 driver.
  • Greater power efficiency when used with the Radeon Pro W5700 graphics card.
  • Provides up to 53% better multitasking performance when testing with the Radeon PRO W5700 graphics card.
  • Optimal clarity and pixel-accurate results from AMD Radeon Pro Image Boost.

For more information about Radeon Pro Software visit, click here. The Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 20.Q3 driver can be downloaded here.


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