Apart from its mainstream midrange lineup realme’s C-series has also been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to numerous releases from the brand in such a short span of time.

realme C15 is one of the latest to take the spot, coming in hot on the trails of the C11. The device offers some notable upgrades that make it a more attractive deal – a quad-camera setup, and a bigger battery would be a couple of the highlights.

The realme C15 basically looks like the C11 from the front, but the back panel’s design has been changed, but the texture remains the same. It’s less of a smudge magnet, which is a good thing. The device also feels a bit heavier than usual, maybe because of the bigger battery. As expected, the back panel is made of polycarbonate material.


realme C15 unit photo (15)The C15 packs a physical fingerprint sensor, something the C11 doesn’t. Then there’s the typical realme branding.

realme C15 unit photo (4)Both the power button and volume rocker are on the right side (if the screen is facing you), while the three-card slot is on the left.

realme C15 unit photo (9)Though dated, the micro USB port is probably here to stay, alongside the headphone jack, microphone, and speaker.

realme C15 unit photo (11)Display-wise, you get a 6.5-inch HD+ screen. It’s your typical LCD, and colors lean on the cooler temperature. It does offer a decent level of brightness.

realme C15 unit photo (11)
realme C15 Review: A Worthy Successor
Our Verdict
Design and Build Quality
Battery Life
What's Good
Large screen offers more real estate for content, makes watching videos more enjoyable
Can game quite a bit, supports HFR mode in Mobile Legends
Well-optimized software
Versatile set of cameras
Insane battery life
Properly priced
What's Not
Still uses a MIcro USB port
Takes too long to recharge

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