There is quite a number of new devices that are categorically better than the realme X3 Superzoom. However, it is good to note that realme’s latest smartphone is neither trying to be what it’s not nor imposing itself to be better than other devices. It tries to establish itself to be playing in a different field. It brings forth itself to be a relevant player in the industry with its features.

Since the time I got this unit, I’ve been trying to maximize it to the best of my ability. I took several pictures and videos, played my favorite mobile games, and streamed movies with my favorite apps. I used it like you people normally wood so I can give my honest consumer feedback.

realme x3 superzoom review


This device performs and works as advertised. The cameras are really good, which I will get into more details later. Its overall performance for gaming is almost just as good as my ASUS ROG Phone 2. I can also definitely say that its 120Hz IPS display is one of its best assets.

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