Since a lot of people are currently urged to stay at home, gadgets have become the go-to for most digital activities, such as going online for school, work, business, and more. The different scenarios require the best tools that can be used to adapt and become efficient, even at home.

Huawei MatePad Lifestyle Photo (1)A tablet is one of the best gadgets to depend on for online learning and work. In this guide, you’ll further understand why the Huawei MatePad is the best tablet to get this year.


Light and portable. As compared to laptops, tablets like the Huawei MatePad can be a great asset to anyone who’s always on-the-go. The MatePad, in particular, measures 235.2mm x 154.96 x 7.35mm, and only weighs 450g, making it light and slim (apart from being sleek and stylish). It’s a device that’s easy to bring anywhere.



Unlike laptops, tablets are usually more affordable and yet, offers features that still meet work and school requirements. With the Huawei MatePad, you can do email, edit photos, draw projects, and more. You can even use it for entertainment needs. Its 10.4 FullView Display lets you enjoy your favorite Kdramas on Viu or blockbuster local films on iFlix!

Extension of Creativity

Using the M-Pencil, you’ll be able to draw, write, or doodle casually like using a pencil on paper. With ultra-low frequency, natural hand feel, and elegant style, it goes side-by-side on your creativity. Made by select composite materials, it not only captures your writing strokes with accuracy but also ensures lasting reliable experiences for day-to-day use.

Huawei MatePad also has the Nebo app and Kids Corner to assist you and your children in their e-learning process. With Nebo, you can structure your notes, mix handwritten text, shapes, and drawings, draw interactive diagrams, edit and decorate, develop equations, and more.

With Kids Corner, you won’t have to worry about your kids becoming addicted to gadgets, harming their vision, downloading viruses, or accessing content that they’re not ready for.


Tablets, like the Huawei MatePad, are user-friendly. It offers a good interface and selection of top apps that you can easily download from the AppGallery. You can also find more apps using the Huawei Petal Search Widget.

Huawei MatePad is also engineered to cater to youngsters. It’s safe to use most especially for children. Parents or adults can customize its settings to ensure that apps and contents are filtered before they lend the tablet to their siblings or children.

Learning Tool

Huawei MatePad is a great learning tool for curious minds. It has a new eBook mode that intelligently adjusts the contrast, brightness, and definition for a more comfortable e-book reading experience, almost like flipping through real books.

It also takes care of your eyes with TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified display which reduces harmful blue light, as well as provides thoughtful reminders on your sitting posture and viewing distance to prevent discomfort.

Get Internet Anywhere

Of course, with its WiFi connectivity, it will be easy for any tablet users to be updated about what is happening online and keep up with the trends. More than that, this advantage gives anyone ease of communication especially if they have loved-ones living from afar.

Tablets, as mentioned, are portable. Hence, you can bring it to a Wi-Fi hotspot and you’re good to go.

Best for Web Browsing

A tablet can be used for different functions. Huawei MatePad, as a great example, should be able to handle all your needs. It has a fast start-up and will not take you long to find answers about issues or trends that trigger your curiosity. All you need is to unlock it, go to the Huawei Browser, and find what you want to learn.

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