XTREME, your #OneStopShopAppliances brand, brings you exciting promo bundles as part of its ‘BRRR Month’ Promo!

Until September 30, 2020, the purchase of any of the following XTREME Cool Aircon units via Lazada, Shopee or the XTREME website comes bundled with an appliance freebie.

Window Type Inverter1XACWT10iPhP25,800Induction Cooker XH-IC2100
Window Type Inverter1.5XACWT15iPhP28,800Induction Cooker XH-IC2100
Split Type Inverter1XACST10iPhP26,80019" LED TV MF-1900
Split Type Inverter1.5XACST15iPhP30,80019" LED TV MF-1900
Split Type Inverter2XACST20iPhP39,80019" LED TV MF-1900
Split Type Inverter2.5XACST25iPhP47,80019" LED TV MF-1900
Split Type Non-Inverter1XACST10PhP19,800Microwave Oven XMO-20MS
Split Type Non-Inverter1.5XACST15PhP22,800Microwave Oven XMO-20MS
Split Type Non-Inverter2XACST20PhP29,800Microwave Oven XMO-20MS
Window Type with Remote1XACWT10RPhP13,800Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup10
Window Type with Remote1.5XACWT15RPhP18,200Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup12
Window Type with Remote2XACWT20RPhP24,800Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup12
Manual Window Type0.5XACWT05PhP8,800Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup10
Manual Window Type1XACWT10PhP12,800Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup10
Manual Window Type1.5XACWT15PhP17,200Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup12
Manual Window Type2XACWT20PhP23,800Rice Cooker RC-55 Cup12

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