It’s been reported that the US is willing to allow companies to supply Huawei with components. The catch is that it should be for non-5G use.

Samsung Display was already given a license to supply OLED displays. In addition, Mr. Lee, an analyst at Jeffries has written that Sony and OmniVision have already been given the green light to supply image sensors to the Chinese company. The imaging department of Sony reported a decrease in sales after it was forced to stop shipments to Huawei.

huawei-financial-times-report-2Mr. Lee believes that Qualcomm and MediaTek can receive licenses as well which would help Huawei with its chipset storage. However, what is uncertain is whether or not TSMC will be allowed to resume shipments which would enable the Chinese company to continue using its in-house Kirin chipsets.

Industry experts, though, doubt that Qualcomm and MediaTek will receive licenses because of the “erratic policy decisions” of the Trump administration.


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