Nanoleaf has just announced two new members in its Shapes lighting panel series – the Shapes Triangles and Shapes Mini Triangles.

nanoleaf-mini-triangles-and-shapes-mini-triangles-trianglesThe Shapes Triangles are an upgrade to the original triangle-shaped Light Panels. The newer Shapes however aren’t compatible with the original because of having more rounded and smaller corners.

nanoleaf-mini-triangles-and-shapes-mini-triangles-miniMeanwhile, Shapes Mini Triangles are the smallest panels offered by Nanoleaf to date.

The Shapes Triangles and Shapes Mini Triangles can be connected to one another as well as connected to the Hexagon panels.

nanoleaf-mini-triangles-and-shapes-mini-triangles-mixBoth the two new Shapes panels can be set to more than 16 million colors and be set on solid colors or shifting color patterns through the Nanoleaf app. They also have a LayoutDetect feature that offers pre-programmed scenes in addition to Rhythm Music Sync that makes them light up based on the music playing in the room.

Triangles and Mini Triangles can also be connected to WiFi and are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and Google Home.

The company is also set to launch an app update with a new color picker and a more intuitive interface for access to a wider range of colors and palettes. There are also plans to release an “Essentials” line which will offer smart bulbs and light strips.

nanoleaf-mini-triangles-and-shapes-mini-triangles-triangles-2Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles and Shapes Mini Triangles are available now on the company website and select retail store locations. Triangles are priced at USD 199 for a set of seven. Mini Triangles, on the other hand, are available for USD 119 for five pieces.

Expansion packs are also available for the two new Shapes with three Triangles for USD 60 and 10 Mini Triangles for USD 119.

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