realme 7 review (61)The launch of the realme 7 series was met with a lot of anticipation. The brand’s mid-range duo has always left a lasting impression, and the expectations for the latest generation can only go higher. Let’s just say they had quite the “homework.”

Interestingly, the distinction between the new devices is now more “pronounced.” realme 7, in particular, is being pegged as the go-to for gamers, as it packs a new SoC complemented with a high refresh rate display, quad-cameras, and a 5,000mAh battery with fast-charging, while the Pro is being pitted more for content creation.

realme 7 review (14)
realme 7 Review: A Lot to Like
Our Verdict
Design and Build Quality
Battery Life
What's Good
Decent gaming performance
Decent camera performance
Excellent battery life
Charges quickly despite having a 5,000mAh battery
90Hz refresh rate adds fluidity and smoothness to content
What's Not
Low-light performance could be better
Comes with a lot of unneeded apps that throw in unneeded notifications
Stabilization degrades video quality
No stabilization on 4K video

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