The Samsung 321 App introduced a COVID-19 hotline feature last April to help with concerns or emergencies related to the pandemic and has received a recent update that includes a dedicated Local Government tab with more than 29,000 LGU contact details nationwide to assist users with needs related to their barangays.

Samsung’s 321 App was launched in 2016 which enables quick access to a list of validated emergency contact numbers and locations. These are all organized under categories like Medical Assistance, Red Cross, Police Stations, Fire Stations, National Disaster Hotlines, Traffic Assistance, Motor, and the most recent Local Government.

samsung-321-app-callThe app uses reverse geocoding to detect the user’s current city to list all the barangays along with the corresponding contact details.

By selecting a number, the app will proceed with the call directly. It will apply standard mobile carrier rates for calls though.

samsung-321-app-homeThe services must first be enabled through its in-app Welcome page or Settings. It can also be done via the Apps tab in Settings of a Samsung device.

Samsung 321 App comes pre-installed on select Galaxy devices and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for gadgets running Android 5.0 and up.

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