The newest addition to vivo’s mid-range V series takes thinness to a whole new level. In a quest for a smartphone that will sit comfortably and stylishly in the hands of a highly social generation, the design team sought inspiration in everyday items and from nature to come up with a design that challenges the convention of ‘thin.’

v20 series 22At 7.38mm, the vivo V20 is the thinnest mobile phone in the world to-date and weighs only 171g, exemplifying how a truly innovative smartphone design should be to deem it flagship worthy.

v20 series 1The V20 Pro, on the other hand, sits at just 7.39mm and 170g, making it the thinnest and lightest 5G smartphone in the market to-date.

v20 series 43The slim design of the V20 series is backed by cutting-edge mobile photography innovation – the 44MP Eye Autofocus Dual front camera and 64MP rear camera. In a bid to take ‘sleek’ to a whole new level, vivo developed the Dual Tone Step design to bring a sense of depth and order while maintaining the slimness of the devices. This eliminates large protruding cameras typically common among photography flagship smartphones of the olden days.

The upper level has the main cameras set in black, while the lower level is a decorative ring and has the same tone as the battery cover’s color palette, rather than black.

When combined, the result is a design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the combination of innovation with fashion, science with art, and technology with humanity is a true testament to vivo’s ingenuity.

The Colors in Detail

Midnight Jazz imbues the deep tones of jazz music. As light hits, the transition between silver and black harmonizes like the soothing romantic notes of classical music and then goes on to intertwine the high and low tones to put users at the focus and make them stand out among the crowd. It exudes confidence, yet is mysterious and full of energy.

Sunset Melody captures the bursts of colors just as the sun hits the sea, bringing the azure blue to life. The hues of violet and blue meld together to create a sense of peace, comfort, tranquility, and beauty. It’s a color that will etch into your memory forever as no one can forget the soothing breeze from the sea and the liberating feeling it ignites.

Moonlight Sonata reflects the colors from the bright moon on a clear night – its brilliance unfiltered and undisturbed. The color surges the soft melodies of a white piano by the window as the moon rays seep in, light and cheerful to give you calming energy on a full moon night

Onto the look and feel of the V20 and V20 Pro – both feature AG Matte Glass which adds a subtle hint of luxury to the aesthetic and provides a comfortable hold. A chemical etching further refines the surface to give it warmth and make it resistant to scratches, before topping it off with an AF coating to protect the phone from fingerprint smears.

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