XTREME 10.10 Sale - FeaturedXTREME Appliances join Lazada on its 10.10 sale with up to 25% off on select products via its official store in LazMall! Enjoy discounts on XTREME, XTREME Cool, and XTREME Home products.

Smart TV

  • 55″ XTREME S SERIES SMART TV = PhP24,395.50 (from PhP30,900)
  • 43″ XTREME S SERIES SMART TV = PhP14,495.50 (from PhP15,995)

Amplifiers and Speakers

  • XTREME Amplified Speaker = PhP11,345.50 (from PhP14,994)
  • XTREME Amplifier with Speaker Set = PhP5,905 (from PhP7,740)

Meal Preparation Tools

  • 90CM XTREME Home Gas Range = PhP25,995 (from PhP29,800)
  • XTREME Home Digital Microwave Oven = PhP3,245 (from PhP3,995)
  • 1.8L XTREME Home Multi-Cooker = PhP2,745.50 (from PhP3,594)
  • XTREME Home Personal Blender = PhP1,215.50 (from PhP1,554)
  • XTREME Home Rice Cooker = PhP1,125.50 (from PhP1,195)

Get the fan of your choice

  • XTREME Home “The Silencer” Stand Fan = PhP2,745.50 (from PhP3,594)
  • XTREME Home Stand Fan = PhP1,400 (from PhP1,500)

Under the XTREME Cool category

  • XTREME Cool Front Load Combo: Washer & Dryer = PhP34,995 (PhP44,995)
  • 13 kg XTREME Cool Top Load Washing Machine = PhP18,545.50 (from PHP20,495)

Energy Saving Air-Conditioners

  • 2.0HP XTREME Cool Window Type Aircon = PhP21,520 (from PhP23,800)
  • 1.0HP XTREME Cool Window Type Inverter Aircon = PhP23,320 (from PhP25,800)
  • 1.0HP XTREME Cool Split Type Aircon = PhP17,920 (from PhP19,800)
  • 1.5HP XTREME Cool Split Type Aircon = PhP20,620 (from PhP22,800)

XTREME Cool Best-Sellers

  • XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator = PhP5,045 (from PhP5,495)
  • XTREME Cool Bottom Load Water Dispenser = PhP6,845 (from PhP7,995)

Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival

XTREME will also participate on Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival Sale with the following great buys.

  • 40″ XTREME LED TV PhP9,135 = (from PhP10,495)
  • XTREME Cool Front Load Combo: Washer & Dryer = PhP35,995 (from PhP44,995)
  • XTREME Cool Front Load Washer = PhP19,996 (from PhP24,995)
  • XTREME Cool Front Load Condensing Dryer = PhP19,996 (from PhP24,995)
  • 1.5HP XTREME Cool Window Type Aircon with Remote = PhP15,900 (from PhP18,200)
  • 1.0HP XTREME Cool Split Type Aircon = PhP17,300 (from PhP19,800)
  • XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator = PhP4,785 (from PhP5,495)
  • XTREME Cool Table Top Water Dispenser = PhP3,485 (from PhP3,995)
  • XTREME Home Digital Microwave Oven = PhP3,146 (from PhP3,495)

Be sure to drop by XTREME Appliances on Shopee and Lazada on October 10, from 12AM to 11:59PM.


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