PLDT announced the Super Speed Deals promo for PLDT Home Fibr customers that have been subscribed to a PLDT service for at least six months and with at least 25Mbps speed. The promo runs only until January 31, 2021.

To get faster speeds, you must pay for the discounted amount on top of your current monthly subscription during the promo period. This is cancellable anytime but you’ll only be able to opt-in once throughout the promo period.

These are the respective plans and the speeds you can experience until January 31, 2021, and the discounted price per month:

  • 1699 and 1899 – 50 Mbps for an additional PHP 99/month
  • 2099, 2299, and 2399 – 100 Mbps for an additional PHP 149/month
  • 2899, 3099, and 3299 – 150 Mbps for an additional PHP 199/month
  • 4099 and 4299 – 300 Mbps for an additional PHP 249/month

The speed and price are already set per plan.

Keep in mind that these are just introductory rates and that if you don’t opt-out of the upgrade on or before January 31, 2021, you’ll be charged the regular rate of the upgraded plan on the next billing cycle.

pldt-home-fibr-super-speed-boost-promoFor more information or to apply to the PLDT Home Fibr Super Speed Deals promo, click here.


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