Sony Philippines recently unveiled the BRAVIA Z8H Android TV (FWD-85Z8H) made to suit the prestige lifestyle with premium picture quality, color, contrast, and clarity that will take you to the breathtaking world of 8K in detail.

Sony BRAVIA Z8H Android TV (1)The Sony BRAVIA Z8H is an 85-inch 8K HDR Full Array LED Android TV and is Sony’s top-of-the-line BRAVIA model that makes a perfect statement piece for your homes not only with its top-class features but also with its minimalist one slate design and thin bezels that make it blend well in any room like a piece of art.

Sony BRAVIA Z8H Android TV (2)8K offers 16 times the resolution of Full HD and is brought by Sony’s powerful X1 ultimate processor that delivers intense depth and details for whatever content you’re viewing with virtually no pixel differentiation.

Sony BRAVIA Z8H Android TV (3)It also promises an immersive viewing experience with its acoustic multi-audio technology wherein speakers are integrated into the frame. The close the speakers are to the center of the screen, the more harmony it gives to the sound and action.

The device also features hands-free voice search with Google Assistant, Alexa, AirPlay, and HomeKit.

Being PlayStation 5 ready, Sony BRAVIA Z8H Android TV elevates your gaming experience into ultimate perfection with low input lag, letting you play free from distractions and any hassle. It’s the perfect statement piece for your homes that goes with a prestige lifestyle where you can experience entertainment without distractions and delve into the world of extra-large screens with more detail and beauty.

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