LetsGoDigital has just uncovered that Sony has applied for patents for improved VR and AR headsets. The patent covers ways to ensure that the user is wearing the headset correctly.

sony-patent-vr-and-ar-headsetsOne of these is the use of pressure sensors or strain gauges. These sensors will be used to determine if the headset is worn correctly and will correct and instruct the user on how to achieve a comfortable fit. In addition, it also allows the headset to power down when not worn and power up when put back on.

sony-patent-vr-and-ar-headsets-2The headset detailed in the listing also features haptic feedback but its purpose is said to be ‘disclosed soon’. The company has greatly improved the haptic feedback in the DualSense controller of the PS5, it makes sense that it will do the same for the headsets.

Headset with Sony’s AR technology

The patent shows two headset designs – a VR and a glasses-like AR design. Sony unveiled a holographic waveguide display dubbed the SED-100A last year. It overlays graphics in the real world which has been used by several companies for professional products.

Sony SED-100A display

It is speculated that the VR headset is geared more for entertainment purposes ala PS VR. However, the company is still promoting the original PSVR, so there’s a bit of uncertainty there.


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