vivo V20 unit (63)I’ll keep it short and simple. The vivo V20 is one of the most beautiful looking devices I’ve seen in 2020 (Good job vivo!), and that’s when I thought the V19 Neo looked pretty good. This one takes aesthetics to another level.

vivo V20 unit (70)Without a case, one-handed operation is workable, but the back feels a bit too slippery for comfort.

vivo V20 unit (5)vivo V20 sports a 6.44-inch AMOLED display, which means you get very punchy colors that breathes liveliness to any content you’re viewing. Those who prefer high refresh rates may opt for another device, but if you prefer a more vivid and lively display, this does the job.


vivo V20 unit (30)The back panel shows a mix of orange and blue colors depending on the viewing angle, just like a beautiful sunset. The gradient even extends to the sides.

vivo V20 unit (41)The rear camera module does protrude, but only minimally. You’ll be able to tell that a lot of thought went through the design – the contrasting colors of the top and bottom sections of the camera module.

vivo V20 unit (38)The device uses a USB-C port and retains the headphone jack at the bottom, along with a speaker grille and microphone.

vivo V20 unit (62)
Our Verdict
Design and Build Quality
What's Good
Phone looks and feels premium
New design is a breath of fresh air
Good gaming performance
Decent camera performance
Exceptional battery life
Very quick to recharge
What's Not
Sound from speaker distorts a lot in high volume
No high refresh rate display
Edge detection for selfies could use some work

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