The vivo V20 is certainly worth its PhP19,999 price tag. You get a device that looks and feels premium in every aspect. The new design not only is an eye-candy but is also a breath of fresh air in a sea of almost similar-looking devices.

The upgrade to the SoC is very welcome, and the performance it delivers is certainly up to par with what you’d expect from a device of this caliber. Its cameras are also nothing short of impressive.

vivo V20 also offers great longevity, charges fast, and the new UI is much better than the previous iterations.


On the other side, the speaker is definitely one of its weakest points, as the sound becomes noticeably distorted at high volume, and those who are used to high-refresh rates will most likely be disappointed.

vivo V20 unit (62)
Our Verdict
Design and Build Quality
What's Good
Phone looks and feels premium
New design is a breath of fresh air
Good gaming performance
Decent camera performance
Exceptional battery life
Very quick to recharge
What's Not
Sound from speaker distorts a lot in high volume
No high refresh rate display
Edge detection for selfies could use some work

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