Back in the days, high-refresh-rate monitors were considered a luxurious item for PC enthusiasts. There was no RGB then, and generating FPS above 100 while also getting a monitor to match the frames was something only a privileged few could enjoy. Times have changed since then as the industry was able to keep up with powerful hardware that could run games on higher resolutions and higher framerates. Fast forward to today, we have up to 360Hz high-refresh-rate monitors for pro gamers while 144Hz monitors are now popular and within reach for gamers and enthusiasts. Gaming monitors such as the Lenovo G25-10 enables gamers to enjoy an elevated, premium gaming experience thanks to its competitive pricing and specs which we’ll dig into later.


Lenovo G25-10 Monitor Review BlurBusters 144hz
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The concept of frame rate is similar to refresh rate. The performance of your computer can be measured by how many frames can it render in a game. 30FPS gives you a movie or console-like experience, whereas 60 frames are the standard experience for PC gaming. 60FPS is considered to be the standard because of the 60Hz refresh rate that monitors have, that is until gaming monitors such as the G25-10 which features a 144Hz refresh rate took the limelight.

60Hz vs 144Hz?

Lenovo G25-10 Monitor Review BlurBusters
courtesy of BlurBusters

A solid 60FPS framerate on a 60Hz monitor gives you a 16.67ms frame time, meaning it takes about 16.67ms before changing to the next frame, whereas a 144Hz rate monitor takes only 6.9ms to output each frame. This means that a 144Hz monitor displays a new frame every 6.7ms, instead of a slower 60Hz 16.67ms frame time. What’s the advantage? Aside from the smooth gameplay experience, you have the competitive edge of seeing things clearer without much motion blur.

More responsive: 1ms GtG response time

Lenovo G25-10 Monitor Review Response timeResponse time is a spec that is often overlooked on high-refresh-rate gaming monitors. While Refresh-rate tells/measures how fast the monitor shows each frame, response time tells us how fast a pixel changes between two colors. Most cheap 144Hz gaming monitors still sport a 5ms response time which breaks the fluidity and immersiveness, especially in competitive games. Brands skimping out on response time are the main reason how they’re able to pull off a cheap price tag. The Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor, while priced at an incredibly cheap Php 10,495 SRP, has a 1ms GtG response time that rivals high-end gaming monitors. Combined with its 144Hz refresh rate capability, the Lenovo G25-10 doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance.

Color Accuracy

Lenovo G25-10 Review Color GamutGone are the days when the main trade-off of a high-refresh-rate 144Hz gaming monitor is horrible, washed-out visuals. Well, that isn’t the case with the Lenovo G25-10 as our SpyderX Pro Display Analysis Tool shows a 95% sRGB rating and a 74% Adobe RGB rating, simply beating most high-refresh-rate monitors and some In-Plane Switching (IPS) ones when it comes to color accuracy. The Lenovo G25-10’s color gamut can pass as a photo and video editing monitor, with the bonus of gaming capabilities.

Your PC can probably already run a 144Hz gaming monitor

35K Gaming PC Build Guide - Valorant
35K Gaming PC Build Guide – Valorant

If you’ve recently built a gaming PC over the last year then you might be running over 60FPS already. Our recent Php 35K Gaming PC Build Guide is able to run Valorant at 180 average FPS. Even if you don’t achieve a steady 144FPS to match the Lenovo G25-10’s refresh rate, you’ll still reap its benefits. Moreover, the G25-10 both supports G-Sync and FreeSync technologies – another value-added feature for its price. Regardless of your current graphics card, the G25-10 can simply adjust its refresh rate to match your PC’s FPS. This allows you to have a screen tear-free, smooth gaming experience as well as a competitive edge in gaming.

Lenovo hit it out of the park once again with the Lenovo G25-10 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor. Its affordable price allows more casual and up-and-coming gamers who don’t want to break the bank to enjoy all the features of high-end monitors now available in the market. This is in line with its “Smarter technology for all” mantra, wherein Lenovo focuses on creating technological tools for everyone so that they, too, can pursue their own intelligent transformations and eventually transform the world.

Where to buy

Lenovo G25-10 LazadaThe Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor retails for Php 10,495 with a three-year warranty. You can get the Lenovo G25-10 at the Lenovo Legion Lazada Store or thru Lenovo’s authorized resellers:

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