OPPO Reno4 Unit (3)Apart from being a pioneer in smartphone technologies, OPPO is also known for its limited-edition smartphones and exclusive partnerships that go viral and are widely talked about in the local tech industry.

To understand more about the ideas behind these designs and partnerships, we were given a chance to interview a regional representative from the company via email. Together with a PR partner, we sent in some questions about how OPPO chooses each partnership, and if they can share a glimpse into what’s in store in the future.

Focus Designs:

  • Marvel limited editions
  • Lamborghini limited editions
  • LOL limited editions
  • Evangelion limited editions
  • Gundam limited edition
  • Reno series

On total brand partnerships

When asked about the thought process and rationale behind the brand’s iconic partnerships with brands like Automobili Lamborghini, League of Legends, Evangelion, and Gundam just to name a few:

Generally speaking, our collaborations are always based on mutual beliefs of core values, passion for perfection, aesthetics of the design as well as the synergy of intent to deliver exquisite products and better experience.

For its League of Legends collaboration, Both OPPO and the game offers the opportunity for users to experience a “Legend’s Journey” by offering a unique environment and community to many around the globe.

In addition, OPPO has tailored its high-end Find series to show the individuality of its users and celebrate the victory of eSports with them.

As to how they actually design their limited edition smartphones:

“OPPO goes beyond simply combining the products and elements of co-brands in a straightforward manner, instead we’re committed to put in the effort to explore how we could bring the ultimate aesthetic design and user experience through every partnership.”

In the case of the Reno4 Artist Limited Edition, they were able to quickly reach a consensus with James Jean, a famous artist who created the design that depicts “Summer Carnival of Dreams” to evoke visions and expectations for the future among OPPO users.

As to how OPPO ensures that each collaboration is unique compared to its competitors, the brand mentioned three points.

  • Striking a balance between their own thoughts on design and the aesthetic majority of people
  • Getting to know the partner brand for a more effective collaboration
  • Paying attention to both the overall design and the details integrated into each phone

On what OPPO looks for in a brand that makes it qualified for a partnership:

  • For the Find series, it’s more of having unparalleled luxury and style, plus sophisticated design and craftsmanship.
  • For the coming 10th anniversary of League of Legends Esports, it’s about encouraging everyone with a young heart to discover their uniqueness and create their own “legends”
  • For the Reno series, it’s about whether the collaboration reflects young people’s culture and trends.

On the design of the OPPO Reno series

When asked about the design innovations of the OPPO Reno4:

OPPO Reno series is based on its insights into young people’s culture and the intent to offer a new brand experience and consistent product experience to users worldwide. OPPO believes that Reno series will empower young people to express themselves freely and creatively through fashionable design and innovative photography technology.

We also asked about the idea behind the Reno Glow and its claim for the ultra-slim design, OPPO says that being thin, light, and easy to hold have always been the key characteristics of the Reno series and that to showcase the company’s strength in industrial design, they were able to carry that trait into the Reno4 and Reno4 Pro.

We also asked the idea behind the design of the Reno4 series, and what inspired the look of these devices, to which OPPO responded.

OPPO focuses on the continuous innovation of technology and design, and ultimately seeks to provide a comprehensive and satisfactory user experience that solves the fundamental needs of our customers. The first point I’d like to highlight is that OPPO Reno4 Series perfectly inherited the design philosophy of Reno Series, making a slimmer and thinner body compared to the last generations.

As to what makes the Reno series stand out from the competition, OPPO mentioned that while competition in terms of hardware is more homogeneous, the company puts a lot of effort into software optimization and creating a unique design.

On Structure

We asked OPPO as to why it resorted to using plastic for the rear panel of the Reno4, they said that their priority was to make the device as lightweight and as thin as possible. That made plastic the better option as they deem that it meets the expectations that younger customers have.

Reno4 series uses two different textures for the rear panel – the natural combination of a matte cover and translucent glass surface that still makes it look premium and delicate. The Galactic Blue variant, in particular, uses “Reno Glow,” which employs a subtle glitter texture in a matte finish back cover.

For the last question, we asked about the company’s thoughts on the camera bump that protrudes as an issue with a phone’s design.

In my perspective, cameras on smartphones being bump up is the current trend in the future, which aims to achieve better photography performance. However, in order to make a balance between the camera functions and aesthetic consideration, we have experimented with a lot of schemes to soften the bulky feeling delivered by the camera lens module.

Furthermore, OPPO also managed to reduce the camera bump on the Reno4 series using a transparent platform for the quad-camera setup.

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