realmeow posterrealme Philippines joins its global counterparts in the launch of the brand’s official character – REALMEOW. Given the title of Chief Trending Officer, REALMEOW is destined to lead trends in tech, visuals, and geek pop culture. The character embodies the personalities of Gen Z’s – trendsetting and diversified.

REALMEOW’s bold and street style design represents realme’s ‘Dare to Leap’ spirit, taking inspiration from cats – independent, fearless, agile, and ready for breakthroughs.

The character is co-designed by world-famous animator Mark Walsh, the directing animator of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and character developer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. Walsh joined the realme Design Studio as a creative consultant.

“Characters start with passion. Defining the passion and the obstacles a character must overcome to achieve it is what makes a great personality of an identifiable character.” – Mark Walsh

A trendsetting outer-worldly buddy

In designing REALMEOW, both Walsh and realme believed that it should showcase a culture favored by the young, imbuing the mood and vibe of street-culture with some painting and sculpture elements.

Though it takes inspiration from cats, REALMEOW is actually a mysterious creature from Trendsetting Planet. To compliment its mainly yellow body, the character sports a pair of black laser glasses that can transform into any object in the blink of an eye.

An 18-year old extraterrestrial, REALMEOW is at the prime of its youth – teeming with vigor, passion, and life. Just like many of its fellow Gen-Zs, REALMEOW like fried chicken and pizza. The cute alien buddy also loves jamming and dancing to rap songs and is good at skating and hip-hop dance.

REALMEOW will be the new trendsetting buddy of every realme fan, showing the world that this generation is ready to Dare to Leap. REALMEOW and realme fans will be championing youth empowerment to urge the young demographic worldwide to go beyond themselves and seize more possibilities.

realme Global launched a limited REALMEOW gift package which will be available in the Philippines soon. The brand also plans to launch customized smartphones and AIoT products based on REALMEOW.

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