Xendit PH LaunchAs Filipinos continue to follow quarantine guidelines, businesses have seen a sharp rise in digital transactions. Realizing the benefits, many now prefer to continue experiencing the convenience of electronic payment methods.

As such, Xendit, the simplest and most trusted name in digital transactions in the region, is expanding its operations in the Philippines to establish a seamless payment infrastructure for the country and the rest of SEA.

“While we see increasing demand for digital transactions, we understand that many businesses in the Philippines have not yet fully embraced the digitalization journey. Xendit is unique because we build deeply into each local market and culture, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with both traditional and startup businesses to innovate together along their digital transformation journey. This is especially important now, as so much of the Philippines continues to rely on transacting online for essential payments and purchases.”


– Yang Yang Zhang, Managing Director, Xendit Philippines

From Indonesia to the Philippines

Xendit began its operations in Indonesia in 2015. Today, it has become a leader in digital payments for both businesses and customers. Apart from local SME’s, the company also serves some of Indonesia’s largest tech startups and the world’s largest businesses.

Xendit offers a technically advanced yet user-friendly process that allows businesses of all sizes to easily send and accept payments. A Business can go live in less than a day using modern APIs as well as a dashboard that makes settlement, reconciliation, and accounting simple. Xendit’s product portfolio enables businesses to quickly accept major payment methods with fast activation times.

“There is a growing trend toward digital payments and those who have embraced it cite that they enjoy the convenience, quick transaction time, and low processing fees. By working with Xendit to increase the accessibility of digital payments for our users, we can contribute to far-reaching financial inclusion, innovation, and competitive costs.”


– Jonathan Bates, Head of GrabPay Philippines.

The GrabPay wallet uses Xendit Direct Debit, through which customers can link their bank accounts just once to seamlessly top up their GrabPay balance. A first-to-market product, now live for BPI, UnionBank, and soon, BDO, allows customers to link their bank accounts for both one-time and recurring payments, secured by successful completion of two-factor authentication (2FA).

“These uncertain times have encouraged businesses across all sectors to look into adopting
digital payment solutions like contactless transactions. Many are realizing that cashless
payments are not just safer health-wise, but more convenient for both business owners and customers, especially those who are unbanked. Xendit’s fraud management tools ensure that even the most traditional businesses feel comfortable accepting payments online for the first time.”


– Carlo Almendral, CEO of TARA!, a newly launched contact tracing application that leverages Xenpayments to enable Department of Tourism (DoT)-accredited merchants to accept payments contactlessly through direct debit, credit cards, e-wallets, and retail outlets.

Xendit Philippines prides itself on taking the time to build and invest in local partners and channels to create solutions to specifically address pain points most common to Philippines-specific merchants and customers. Xendit strives to make payments in the Philippines more affordable and accessible, even for those without steady access to the Internet.

Another key feature of Xendit’s product suite is its robust security structure that’s powered by an in-house system that assesses credit card instructions for fraud risks. Built with advanced data analytics and optimized with machine learning, this fraud detection system pre-emptively blocks payments that are deemed high-risk.

“Xendit’s suite of services is designed to make payments simple, secure, and easy for
customers while enabling businesses to grow exponentially. As a platform that’s deeply rooted in Southeast Asia, we keep our ear to the ground to better recognize the specific needs and wants of each business in the market.”


– Moses Lo, Xendit Group CEO & Founder

As the demand for seamless online services continues to grow in the Philippines, Xendit is ready to empower all Filipino businesses with the simplest experience for daily digital transaction needs. When it comes to online payments, just Xendit.

Emman has been writing technical and feature articles since 2010. Prior to this, he became one of the instructors at Asia Pacific College in 2008, and eventually landed a job as Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Integrated Open Source Solutions for almost 3 years.