Forbes Magazine has named Brother Industries, Ltd. as one of the World’s Best Employers in 2020.

Brother was ranked 130 among 750 multinationals and corporations from 45 countries and the achievement is a first in the company’s history. The survey was done by Forbes and German market research firm, Statista was conducted from June to July.

A positive and employee-friendly company culture that places a premium on talent development, gender equality, social responsibility, and economic footprint, and the company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is what landed the company on the list.


“We are honored to be highlighted on Forbes’s ‘World’s Best Employers’ list this year, and it only goes to show that our success cannot be achieved without the valuable effort and contributions of our employees. It’s most important to all of us to make sure our people are well-taken care of,” said Brother Philippines President Glenn Hocson.

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