OPPO is scheduled to launch the OPPO Reno5 4G and Reno5 5G in the Philippines this February 2021. Both were announced last December.

The two devices boast the latest camera technologies among which include the OPPO Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System.

The OPPO FDF Portrait Video System is based on top-end imaging hardware and innovative imaging processing algorithms. It is comprised of two engines – the Quality Enhancement Engine and the Perception Engine.

Source: GSMArena

The role of the Quality Enhancement Engine is to ensure you capture clear images in any scenario via algorithms. The Perception Engine, on the other hand, establishes strict criteria for the features within a portrait video. These ensure that the portrait subject and the background are clearly and naturally defined.

The Reno5 devices also feature AI Highlight Video that combines adaptive Brightness Adjustment, Adaptive Dynamic Range, and Adaptive Noise Reduction Algorithms in addition to Ultra Night Video Algorithms and Live HDR Algorithms. It optimally adjusts brightness, color, and clarity by detecting light levels in the scenes.

All these work together to deliver stunning photos and videos to capture your everyday life.

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