Broadcast journalist, Raffy Tulfo has just launched a new e-commerce platform – Idol Shopping Network (ISN). ISN is a local version of Shopee and Lazada and is set to formally open this month.

In an interview with, he mentioned “Our merchants and resellers are well-screened.”

Quality over quantity seems to be the goal for Tulfo as he looks to have more reliable merchants and resellers than have many of them. “The selection process is long and strict. Sending a photo of the item for sale isn’t enough. We must see the item itself,” he added.

Customers are required to sign a contract saying they agree to be on video and be photographed while opening the package from the courier. A document must also be signed to say that the product is the correct one and in good condition. Otherwise, the client doesn’t need to pay for the order.

The videos and photos of the clients will automatically go to a system, according to Tulfo.

The long-term plan for the profits of ISN is to subsidize a school. The earnings will go to expenses like employee pay, maintenance, and others.

raffy-tulfo-isn-e-commerce-platform-familyTulfo’s children will be running ISN while he and his wife will guide and support them.

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