ASUS recently spoke with four content creators – colorist Darren Mostyn; photographer and cinematographer Brett Danton; high-concept Unreal Engine filmmaker Haz Dullul; and animator Julia Young to get their take on working with the ASUS ProArt PA32UCX-PK monitor.


The ASUS ProArt PA32UCX-PK is a 32-inch 4K HDR calibrated monitor that features variable miniLED backlighting and 1200 nits peak brightness. It offers Off-Axis Contrast Optimization technology to reduce halo effects by 80% and 7X contrast-ratio enhancement.

The monitor also has Delta E < 1 color accuracy, Calman Ready and Colour Space integration, and Dolby Vision, HDR-10, and HLG HDR format support.


“It is vital that the monitor is calibrated and accurate to broadcast standards. My work is based around color, and if I don’t have an accurate representation of it I’m basically working blind,” says post-production colorist Darren Mostyn. “Good color performance means that I can rely on my monitor to give an accurate account of what I’m going to be sending to the broadcasters.”

Photographer and cinematographer Brett Danton works with 4K images which works well with the 4K HDR display and with 1152-zone mini-LED backlighting and 1200 nits peak brightness.

“Professional-quality reference monitors have always been very expensive. Before I received this monitor I could only judge my images by going to an expensive post house,” Danton explains. “I can now work confidently at home at a level that simply wasn’t possible before. It’s completely changed my post-production workflow.”

The ProArt PA32UCX-PK enables filmmaker Haz Dullul to conduct post-production color checks with the same quality and accuracy as that on professional equipment used in post-production facilities.

“Delivering 4K for streamers such as Netflix means that my display specs and color need to be of the highest industry standard,” Dullul says. “ASUS ProArt comes with a professional calibrator that puts my mind at ease, knowing that what I am creating at my home studio is going to pass the QC checks when the content is passed to content distributors, and eventually to the audience.”

For Julia Young, she notes the benefits of the ergonomic stand with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustability, and VESA mount option that the monitor offers.

“The most important thing for me is that my setup is ergonomic and that I have the most reliable equipment that I can afford,” says Young.

The ASUS ProArt PA32UCX-PK monitor is available in the Philippines for PHP 166,950. For more information on the monitor, click here.

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