There are rumors that Huawei has plans to enter the gaming hardware market and it will start with a gaming laptop followed by a game console. Yes, a game console.

A gaming laptop seems more like an inevitable thing especially since technically, Huawei released one with the HONOR Hunter V700 laptop. This, of course, is no longer in its arsenal after HONOR was sold last year.

The specs of the HONOR Hunter V700

The gaming console, on the other hand, just came out of the left field. This will make them compete with already established consoles like the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. It wasn’t mentioned though what kind of platform the console will be but it seems like it won’t be an ARM-based console like the Nintendo Switch.

As far as hardware goes, the Chinese company is speculated to work on something with its own silicon designs. Maybe something like the HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 chip based on the ARM instruction set. The chip was featured in the MateStation B515 computer with an AMD Radeon 430 GPU. The bigger question though is what software the console will run on.


What’s usually more important for a console though is games. The company launched GameCenter which is a gaming hub built on top of Huawei Media Services for Android which could be a driver for the console. Another option would be a Linux-based OS but it will have to build the game catalog from the ground up if chooses to do so.

This won’t be Huawei’s first console though, the company did announce the Tron console announced in 2014. It was a console powered by a Tegra 4 processor and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. One thing we do hope is that the new console will be lightyears away from the Huawei Tron as far as performance and games go.


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