PLDT Global Corporation (PGC), the international arm of PLDT, is accelerating digital connectivity for enterprises in Japan with the launch of its Points of Presence through technology partners China Mobile and Equinix.

A Point of Presence serves as an access point for networks to interconnect. With these, PLDT Global can provide a stronger and wider interconnection service to its international clients by expanding its network services.

“This challenging period gave us the important opportunity to innovate more and come up with fresh solutions that serve our customers in a simpler, faster, and more responsive way. It pushed us to do more with less and work harder with our partners to create a new and better normal for all our customers,” said Katrina Luna-Abelarde, President and CEO at PLDT Global and head of International Carrier Business.


Backed by the Carrier Ethernet Network Technology, PGC provides data solutions and enables businesses from Japan to interconnect to any part of the world.

Together with SoftBank, China Mobile, and Equinix, clients will be able to enjoy more products as well as cloud services; experience faster customer service fulfillment and assistance through operations support; and depend on a resilient and secure connection.

Aside from Japan, PLDT Global also has physical points of presence in the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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