Spotify has announced its plans to launch Spotify HiFi, which will offer lossless audio.

The company says its HiFi mode will bring CD-quality audio on existing devices and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. It didn’t detail the bit rate and codec for the Spotify HiFi but based on the “CD-quality” description we can guess at least 16-bit with 44.1kHz audio. Currently, it uses Ogg Vorbis on desktop and mobile and AAC for the web player.


Spotify has been testing lossless audio with select users since early 2017. It now joins the growing numbers of audio streaming services offering lossless audio including Tidal, Amazon, and Deezer. These offer higher resolution audio that exceeds audio CD quality though, which puts them at an advantage if Spotify actually sticks with actual CD-quality.

Spotify HiFi will be rolling out the feature in select markets when it goes live some time this year.

The company will be revealing more details about the new mode in the future.

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