Xiaomi has just received a TUV Rheinland certification for a 67W GaN (Gallium-Nitride) charger. This looks to be a more powerful version of the 65W GaN charger that the company launched last year.


The charging brick was listed under the model number MDY-12-EU and MDY-12-ET. The first three letters are usually for adaptors that smartphones come with which means we could see smartphones supporting 67W wired charging as early as this year.


Xiaomi offered the 65W GaN charger as an opt-in gift when it launched the Mi 11 in China (you know, with the devices not coming with a charger nowadays). Now, whether or not it does the same for the 67W GaN charger will boil down to if the company launches the new GaN charger. The Mi 11 is set to make its global debut on February 8, so the wait isn’t too long. Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see how soon the more powerful GaN will be launched.

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