In case you missed it, LG is holding its OLED Madness Promo with up to 32% off the best TVs that the company has to offer. It covers select models from the LG OLED and NanoCell lines purchased via straight card or cash payment in participating LG Authorized Dealer Stores. It runs until March 31, 2021.


The LG OLED TVs offer over 100 million self-lit-sub-pixels that come together to deliver the next level of TV. It delivers the deepest black, richest colors, and most realistic picture quality. The LG NanoCell TV line, on the other hand, uses Pure Color combined with the contrast that Nano Black creates to make all scenes real.

In addition to the OLED Madness Promo, select OLED models will make you eligible to avail of the Two of a Kind Bundle and Raffle promotion until May 31, 2021.


You get a chance to purchase the TONE Free wireless earbuds at a promo price if you order an OLED TV. The TONE Free FN7 will be available for PHP 1,500, down from its SRP of PHP 7,990, while the FN4 is available for PHP 990, from PHP 5,490. TONE Free earbuds by themselves have a promo price of PHP 6,990 for the FN7 and PHP 4,990 for the FN4.

If you bought the Two of a Kind LG OLED and TONE Free Bundle, you will be eligible to join a special raffle promo. You can register for the promo here after completing your purchase.

You will be prompted to enter personal information and product information about your new LG items. Once verified, you get an online raffle ticket. There will be 13 total winners with a LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator, an LG OLED55CXPPA, an LG 49NANO80 NanoCell TV, and 10 TONE Free FN4 wireless earbuds at stake.

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