MSI Summit Series for the Modern CEO

Determined to Succeed

Ever since we put up our own corporation 2 years ago, we agreed to acquire reliable products and prioritize digital security. Acquiring devices and IT solutions to support our operation is essential in our industry, so we are very particular with the two aforementioned qualities as bare requirements. 

Even if you take out the corporate dynamics and realities in the equation, reliability and security are two important qualities any consumer should prioritize. I, for one, consider these as “keys” to sustainability, success, and achieving more. As CEO of Blip Media Digital Marketing Inc., I am determined to succeed; and to grow this business that we started.

Summit Series

As someone who works in the internet and infotainment industry, you have seen us work and even promote laptops and desktop computers that we truly believe in. We have worked with various companies in the past, and one of them is MSI.

MSI Summit Series, MSI Summit 15

A few months ago, MSI launched its Summit series, which is designed to focus on productivity, security, reliability, and style. This personally piqued my interest because the series matches the acquisition requirements of our company.

Zero RGB, 100% Sleek and Durable

Looking at the overall design and specs of the series, the new laptops deviate from the usual trends of being “flashy” and “bright”. Instead, the laptop series espouses a solid and minimalist build, with emphasis on quality and durability. 

Looking at the overall design and specs of the series, the new laptops deviate from the usual trends of being “flashy” and “bright”. Instead, the laptop series espouses a solid and minimalist build, with emphasis on quality and durability. 

It’s made of an aluminum body with MSI specialized Ink Black sandblasting finish. However, the real kicker for me here is its weight. This weighs just a little over 1kg (1.3kg), and maintains a very sleek and thin build (15mm).

Secured like a “total lockdown”

One of my favorite features is its the series’ enterprise-grade security. It packs the most comprehensive biometric login and identity/encryption secure solutions. It has several layers of security, which made me really interested in it.

Imagine having a laptop that is secured down to the BIOS level. While some laptops have this kind of feature – in one way or another – MSI made sure to highlight this and make it easier for consumers to set everything up via BIOS guard. When this is properly set up, a password will be required each time your laptop is turned on.

Apart from this, the MSI Summit series has additional security checkpoints and features built into the system. The laptops have TPM (trusted platform module) like fingerprint and IR camera are also available to secure passwords and other sign-in information. Since the laptops are running on the latest Microsoft Windows and Intel vPro Platform, it also features OS-level protection that prevents hackers from inserting malicious code into high-security processes.

Losses from cyber-attacks, particularly data breaches, can be pretty high and as much as possible, modern CEOs like myself should put cybersecurity as a top priority.

Must-have Enterprise Essentials

While this next feature is specific to enterprise consumers, it is good to know that MSI has built an autopilot platform to make everything easier for remote and automated software deployment. This is something that some of you may not need, but the level of convenience and cost-efficiency that this feature entails is something that CEOs are looking for on laptops.

Autopilot and network deployment of enterprise assets is very important especially these days. This makes everything easy for both the IT department and end-user employees.

More Benefits for the Modern CEO

Modern CEOs are self-reliant, and must possess the skills to fix and optimize their tools. MSI Summit Series has more built-in features that are designed to further help consumers optimize their laptop without the help of an expert.

The Summit series has pre-installed MSI Center for Business and Productivityu, which takes optimization to the next level with easily adjustable system modes and resources for a wide range of scenarios and needs. You get a full view of the health of your battery, and has the capability to optimize the laptop’s battery life. MSI Center also gives users a system/hardware dashboard, which shows the status of the SSD and memory.

Since Zoom is the new “war room”, MSI made sure that the laptop has integrated AI Noise Cancellation feature, which helps cancel out external noises and suppress ambient noise during video calls.

MSI Summit 15 for the Modern CEO

The MSI Summit Series is a breath of fresh air in the world of RGB-infused gaming laptops. It’s not that I am anti-RGB, but I believe that a product and its benefits should match the needs of the user.

As a CEO of a small company, I am more than excited to check MSI Summit Series, particularly Summit 15. You know that MSI is doing things right if they are able to compartmentalize a series of their products to a specific niche. 

Note: This article is sponsored by MSI Philippines.

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