According to Ookla, Smart Communications, Inc. has clinched a three-peat as the Philippines’ fastest mobile network.

The company surpassed Globe in Speed Score and average upload and download speeds for three years in a row. This was based on millions of consumer-initiated tests performed on Speedtest on LTE-capable devices in the country.

“This award recognizes Smart’s commitment to delivering fast speeds to their customers across the Philippines. With this latest win, Smart has won the Speedtest Award for Fastest Mobile Network in the Philippines three consecutive years in a row,” said Ookla CEO Douglas Suttles in a statement.


Consistently the fastest mobile network in the country

Smart was first crowned the Philippines’ Speedtest Awards Winner for mobile network speed in 2018. It posted a Speed score of 15.06 compared to Globe’s 9.9. In addition, Smart also averaged download speeds of 17.24 Mbps and uploads speeds of 8.11 Mbps that year.

It once again won Philippines’ Speedtest Awards for mobile network speed in 2019 with a Speed score of 17.4 against 10.65. In the same year, Smart achieved average download speeds of 17.24 and upload speeds of 8.11 Mbps.

In 2020, the company was awarded the Speedtest Awards Winner in both halves of the year. It dominated in the first half with a speed score 18.33 vs 12.35. It also averaged download speeds of 15.94 Mbps and upload speeds of 7.57 Mbps.

The Speedtest Awards Winner of the second half of 2020 was awarded recently with a Speed Score of 24.99 against 15.30. The company posted averaged download speeds of 20.08 Mbps and upload speeds of 7.42 Mbps.

Network expansion across the nation

The success is a result of PLDT’s continuous investment in the expansion of fixed and wireless networks across the country.

PLDT recently announced that it was prepared to invest between PHP 88 billion and PHP 92 billion in capital expenditures this year. This supports the continuous expansion of Smart’s 4G/LTE and the accelerated rollout of Smart 5G across the country.

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