Razer has unveiled a new Razer Kanagawa Wave-inspired apparel in celebration of Earth Day. It includes hoodies, tank tops, shorts, to name a few.


Here’s a full list along with the price:

  • Kanagawa Wave Zip Hoodie: USD 149.99 / EUR 159.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Tee: USD 89.99 / EUR 99.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Tank Top: USD 69.99 / EUR 79.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Shorts: USD 79.99 USD / EUR 89.99
  • Kanagawa Wave Cap: USD 49.99 USD / EUR 59.99

The collection uses fabric made from 100% recycled marine plastics and proceeds will go towards the recovery of ocean plastics. Razer pledges to fund the recovery of 1kg of marine plastics for every clothing piece sold.

The Razer Kanagawa Wave collection supply is limited to just 1337 pieces and sadly though as of writing this, it is all sold out.


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