Shopee has just made it easier for you to top up your ShopeePay mobile wallets with the new debit card integration feature.

The digital economy in the Philippines has seen its annual growth rate of 12.2%. The country, as per the government’s roadmap for e-commerce, is expected to shift to a cashless society by 2030 driven by convenience and a secure digital infrastructure.


The company recorded a 4x uplift in the total number of orders completed by its mobile wallets across the region in 2020 and is set to increase as more people adopt digital payment options.

“We aim to provide our users with the most convenient shopping experience through ShopeePay. With the new debit card integration feature, users can enjoy convenient and secure payment options while making purchases online, and get access to exclusive promotions, vouchers, and overall greater cost savings. We are continuously looking for ways to deliver a seamless online shopping experience for our users during this pandemic.”

Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines


To link your debit card account to ShopeePay, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ShopeePay on the application Homepage and select “Top-Up”
  2. Input desired top-up amount (the minimum top-up amount for Debit Cards is P1,000)
  3. Go to payment methods and tap on “Add Debit Card”
  4. Input card number, expiry date and CVC
  5. Enter captcha
  6. The newly added debit card will be displayed under the ‘Debit Card’ section

If you want to activate your ShopeePay account, here’s the process:

  1. Go to ShopeePay on the Shopee Homepage
  2. Enter personal information such as name and ID number and create a PIN for payment authorization

Download the Shopee app for free via App Store and Google Play.

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