TCL has just announced the Fold ‘n Roll concept phone that, as the name suggests, folds out as well as rolls out which offers more display than any foldable device available


When folded, the TCL Fold ‘n Roll has a 6.87-inch display which can be unfolded for an 8.85-inch display. It maxes out with a 10-inch panel via a rollable mechanism. The rolled-out mode gives it a better aspect ratio to enjoy videos as compared to the more typical square foldable panel.


Currently, the prototype uses plastic for its display but the company has reached out to its partners to figure out a way to use glass to make it more durable.


TCL mentions that it will take some time before we see a device like the Fold ‘n Roll in the market. However, the company is expected to launch a device with a flexible screen later this year.


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