Twitter has just announced that Twitter Spaces feature is now open to all users with at least 600 followers.


Twitter Spaces is the platform’s audio-only voice chat feature that lets a host stream voice chats with other users. As an audience member, you can either listen in to the conversation or join in.


The company also announced, “Ticketed Spaces” which allows hosts to monetize their Spaces. The new feature will be available for testing by a limited group “in the coming months”. Future features for Spaces that were announced include letting you be able to eventually set reminders for and schedule time slots for future Spaces. In addition, co-hosted Spaces, better live captioning, and better access to Spaces via a profile icon on your Twitter feed will also be coming to Twitter Spaces in the future.


Twitter Spaces appear at the top of your feed in a purple bubble along with Twitter Fleets. To start a Space, tap on the Tweet button and tap the Spaces icon. If you don’t see the icon, it may not be available just yet for you.

The feature came about when the popularity of Clubhouse rose. Clubhouse is a startup app that lets users host public voice chats and other users can tune in or interact. Facebook and Discord were among the other platforms that introduced their own take on the feature.


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