oppo r17 pro

Joe Yuhico


It’s portable, loud, and it has a long battery life. Is the F and D W6T Bluetooth Speaker perfect for you? Here’s our full review! Compatibility If you love going on road trips, sitting by the beach, and playing your go-to summer song, then you might like this speaker. It’s Bluetooth 4.1 compatible and has an auxiliary in and is micro SD compatible.  So you have a variety of options to play your tunes with. I tried all 3 and they worked perfectly fine. I had a slight hiccup when it came to pairing it with my MacBook Pro’s Bluetooth though, wherein the sound would be interrupted by static. But hey, who’s going to bring their laptop to the beach to play music right? Basic Features Here are some of its basic specs. It has a 5W power output. Its frequency response ranges from 90Hz to 20KHz. You need 5V…

Jump Scare Warning!!! https://youtu.be/XJoTCFPEJPI We’ve had our fair share of horror survival games but this gameplay trailer of Steam’s Project Nightmares scares the crap out of me. Besides the usual whispers and grunts you hear in the background, it’s that eerie feeling it gives, every step you take. I’m definitely excited to play/not be able to sleep! The project was greenlit last April 2017 by Steam Greenlight. The developers recently posted this actual gameplay about Case 36: Henrietta Kedward. Here’s a backstory of this upcoming game from their Greenlight page:

If you love going on adventures just to get the perfect footwear, dodging again, and again, and again, just to keep your HP up, or even if you’re the type to just hack and slash everything you see, Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is the game for you. The game was released earlier this year, greeting die-hard fans of the popular franchise, and inviting new gamers with its..well..monster hunting. The fantasy action RPG is a modern and improved version of its predecessors. Don’t go rushing in though. The game is not pro gamer level, but it’s challenging all throughout. It is all about hunting monsters, from the smallest to the biggest and angriest of ‘em. But every step of the way gets more challenging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4_7ioZEqi4 You start by journeying to a beautifully-made new world, armed with light gear. Don’t worry, you’ll get better gear throughout the game, depending on the kind…