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Meet the Motiv Ring: A Fitness Tracker on Your Finger

When it comes to fitness trackers, most devices I could think of are worn on the wrist. But now, a company named Motiv has introduced their own version, with a twist....

Check Out What Digital Walker Has In Store For You This 2017!

Gadgets have always been a part of us regardless of what lifestyle we live, and Digital Walker is a company which always strives to bring us the best products. Just recently,...

Fitbit Alta Review

Here's our most comprehensive review of a smart watch and tracker, yet. We review the Fitbit Alta.

Fitbit Alta, Now available at Digital Walker, Beyond the Box and select Toby’s Stores

Fitbit has grown tremendously over the years. Now with more than 10 products, Fitbit has yet again launched a new product with improved sensors and OLED display that shows notifications. Enter Fitbit Alta.