Fitbit, one of the most recognizable names in fitness wearable has just launched the Fitbit Versa – the company’s latest smartwatch entry last April 19.  And, I must say, it was no ordinary product launch.  Upon entering Kerry Sports Manila – the country’s largest indoor lifestyle and leisure club housed in Shangri-La the Fort – I was asked if I wanted to get join a workout and if so, recommended that I get a pre-charged Versa. Since they gave us a heads-up about the possibility of an open workout, I arrived in my workout clothes. Yes, you can say that I’m a fitness fanatic. Half of the indoor basketball court was tattered with yoga mats while the other half was where Fitbit gathered us to officially unveil the Versa.  Alex Healy, Fitbit’s Head of Product Marketing for Asia Pacific and Louis Lye, Fitbit Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Hongkong and…

Tokyo Game Show Special Coverage

Tokyo Game Show 2018

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Witness this year’s biggest gaming convention in Asia, the Tokyo Game Show 2018. This September 19, our team will fly to Tokyo, Japan, to be part to TGS 2018. Special thanks to our brand partners Huawei Mobile, PLDT Home, Smart Communications and Cherry Mobile for making this coverage possible.

If the line on the demo is any indication, Biohazard RE: 2 is one of the most popular games in TGS 2018. It’s one of those games that, regardless of the time of day, the queue to the booth just won’t go shorter than 60 minutes. We decided to hold off trying our luck on the demo, maybe tomorrow’s line would be shorter. Demo or no demo, it’s still worth mentioning that the game, even in pictures is just a sight to behold. CAPCOM gave us access to screenshots of the game, and my goodness, what a fresh  coat of paint the game has over the 1998 Playstation and Nintendo 64 classic. Check them out and drool. And, this just in, here’s the story trailer.

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