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5 Reasons Why You Should Get the Farpoint PS4 Bundle Pack

Imagine being in an unfamiliar Mars-like planet on steroids. Its nearby star is just as close as we are to our sun but the lack of an atmosphere can burn you...

Samsung Gear S3 Now Available For Pre-Order!

Following the success of the Gear S3, Samsung Philippines is surely getting its customers hyped up and ready, as you can now pre-order the amazingly elegant Samsung Gear S3 until January...

Check Out What Digital Walker Has In Store For You This 2017!

Gadgets have always been a part of us regardless of what lifestyle we live, and Digital Walker is a company which always strives to bring us the best products. Just recently,...

Sony to Launch 32 Titles for Playstation VR on Launch

Are you excited for Playstation VR's launch? well, here's some more good news for you! Sony has just announced that it will be releasing 32, yes, 32 titles for the Playstation VR...

Fitbit Announces Charge 2 and Flex 2 Fitness Wristbands (Pricing and Availability)

Good news for all you health and fitness buffs! Fitbit, the renowned maker of groundbreaking wearable products, has just announced its newest additions to its product lineup, the new fitness wristbands,...

Boxing with the Apple Watch Sport (AWS): Can it hold its own when the...

As a boxing enthusiast, seeing Gennady Golovkin shadowbox in the official Apple Watch Sport ad made me giddy but how I wished he wore it in a sparring session instead. Shadowboxing?...

5 Hottest Deals at Big Arrow Online

Big Arrow Online has been actively ramping up their online shop via Facebook. Today, we're highlighting 5 of Big Arrow Online's hottest products.

Pioneer Retail Therapy offers 50% discount on gadgets

50% discount on gadgets?! Check this out!

Fitbit Wearables, Now Available at Digital Walker

There are tons of reasons why we all need to stay fit... and fab. Apart from the fact that it's right thing to do, getting and staying fit basically sends a message to everyone that we value life and we put high regard on our future.

Razer Store Officially Opens in the Philippines

It is without a doubt that Razer is the leading manufacturer of e-sports-quality gaming peripherals and apparels in the world. Razer, headed by the very approachable and humble CEO, Min-Liang Tan, finally opened its...

Cogito Classic Steel Review

Check out our review of Cogito Classic Steel.

Mobile World Congress 2015 overview: The top announcements

The Mobile World Congress 2015 was held last March 2 - 5, 2015 at Barcelona, Spain. The tech world welcomed new and exciting devices. Here are the most notable and top...

Cherry Mobile G2, Now Available in 4 More Colors

Cherry Mobile G2 now has 4 more colors! Yay!

LG G Watch R review

What's round, black, and attaches to you tightly with a genuine leather strap? Here's our review of LG G Watch R.
Cogito Classic

PowerMac Launches Fashionable Wearable Tech Devices in the Philippines

Hip and health conscious Filipinos now have more options to not just tell time but to also monitor their health and lifestyle with the new wearable tech devices available at PowerMac.

LG Philippines Completes the G3 Family with LG G3 Beat, LG G3 Stylus and...

LG Philippines Completes the G3 Family with LG G3 Beat, LG G3 Stylus and LG G Watch R. Here's our event coverage and specs + price guide!

Wearable Device, Shine, Is Now Available in the Philippines thru Smart Infinity

Telecommunications giant, Smart, statred offering the most fashionable and elegant physical activity monitor, Shine.