The Switch Lite was recently announced and we shared our thoughts about what we liked and didn’t like about it. With 1 rumor down the drain, the talks of a “Pro” version would be the next logical headline. Will it have this? Will it sport that? While everything is pure speculation at this point, we do have some things we want to see if and when a Pro version is released. Check our our wish list for a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch! Better Screen Resolution The Switch isn’t the most powerful console around. Nintendo knows that and they’ve never really competed with Sony and Microsoft on that front. With the prospect of a Switch Pro, having a screen (and internals) that can handle full 1080p (from 720p) would be a nice upgrade. Oh, and smaller bezels, please? Producing a larger unit to accommodate a bigger screen automatically kills…

10 Things I want to buy at Shopee RIGHT NOW

Shopee is now my go-to e-Commerce store! Ever since they set up shop in the Philippines (pun intended), I always make sure that I browse their sellers' and official shops' catalogs once in a while. Compared to 2015 when they first launched in the Philippines, the number of stores they have has grown quite significantly. Today,

Pokémon Go, a sensational app riddled with Cyber and Real-World Risks

Many people – including Filipinos – still dared to download an APK version of the application. A lot also installed the game without paying attention to the nitty-gritty details of its app permissions and terms of use. There are inherent risks on the aforementioned user actions, and yet, most seemed to ignore or never dared to even scrutinize. Here’s a drill-down of the risks in playing this game.

The Next iPad, A Fearless Forecast

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – March 7 is fast approaching. The follow-up to the mighty iPad 2 will soon be unveiled, and all we could do now is to make up some rumors or declare how it looks, feels and performs. Today, allow me to fearlessly predict how the next iPad would look like, perform and be named. Of course, this article will become deprecated once the next iPad is finally unveiled. Well, it’s just me – a geek, having fun. Who knows? Come March 8, 2012, we’d all realize that I could be right after all.

steve jobs mosaic

What Would the World Do Without Steve Jobs?

Last night, I told my wife that it would be ideal that Steve Jobs would make the announcement of the iPad 3 in March and iPhone 5 in June 2012 to create and post significant mark to the total view and value of Apple, unless he dies before the year ends. And then, the unfortunate event happened this morning – Steve Jobs died. What would the world do without him? Read on.