Today’s dynamic lifestyle requires interventions that are quick, functional and easy to use. Technology and the birth of diverse applications have made things way easier for everyone, even altering our lifestyles. There is now a perfect app for travel, leisure, dining, accommodation, even attractions. Take a peek at the top 6 lifestyle apps that are now constant in everyone’s phone: Grab & Uber – Who have not hopped in on a Grab or Uber car? The ridesharing revolution in the Philippines latched on the on-demand service vehicle app has grown into a multi-billion peso industry especially in the Philippines that is yet to have its own efficient mass transport system unlike its Asian neighbors. For commuters, getting a convenient, comfortable ride is now at the tip of their fingers. For car owners, they no longer need to buy a second car to use during “coding days”, they just need to…

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 22 - 5 things we like about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

5 things we like about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finally out! We had a chance to try both the market and engineering versions of the phone, and I must admit that I’m dazzled with everything about it. Everything. We don’t have much time to tell you everything, so we’re trimming things down to 5. Without further ado, here are 5 things we like about the Galaxy Note 7.