O+ Presto 700 LTE Now Available From Smart: Comes With Monthly Free Data and...

Smart has just released its latest Prepaid Phone Kit, the O+ Presto 700 LTE for only PhP2,188 with a purchase of a PhP300 Smart Prepaid Load Card, and comes with a Smart...

O+ Ultra 3.0 Now Available: Has Ultra HD Camera and 144GB of Storage!

O+ has just released its latest offering which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season! The O+ Ultra 3.0! The Ultra 3.0 has a simple yet, appealing design. It doesn't overdo things....

The upsized O+ Venti 4G Quick Review

It is a large smartphone with a rather small price. And it doesn't disappoint. We quickly review the O+ Venti 4G. 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+, 2G EDGE and GPRS networks 6.0-Inch...

Top 9 Reasons Why I Love the O+ Upsized

There are many reasons why we love the O+ Upsized. We listed down 9 of them. Check this out.

O+ M Review

Here's our review of O+.

The Best Things in 2015: Gadget Pilipinas Awards

Without further much ado, we would like to present to you the BEST THINGS in 2015! Congratulations to the brands who made these wonderful products. And to our fellow consumers who purchased the products below - give your gadgets a tight hug!

O+ Convertible review

Are laptops going the way of the dodo? Probably not, but many of the multi-purpose gadgets that have come out over the past year are urging you to seriously consider that. One...

O+ 360 HD Review

Believe it or not, some people still haven't been won over in the ongoing phablet craze. There may be more and more phones over 5-inches coming out each day, but there...

O+ Ultra review

Roughly two weeks ago, we presented the O+ Ultra smartphone from O+ USA in a quick unboxing and first impressions post. If you haven't read that one yet, then go ahead...

O+ Ultra unboxing and first impressions

You might think that we go through O+ USA phones like Rapunzel goes through bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but... er... you're right. Maybe we do. As one of the more...
O+ Time

It’s About Time: A Quick Review on O+ Time

Yes, smartwatches are having a moment – and we love it! That’s why we’re sharing with you a quick review on probably your next gadget BFF, O+ Time.

O+ Evo 4G Review

O+ USA has been very busy lately, releasing not less than three new smartphones powered by the Android operating system in the past couple of months. In this review, we're going to take a look at one of their latest models, the O+ Evo 4G.

Sun Postpaid Drops Prices and Holding Periods of Select Gadgets

Enjoy a lot of savings with the latest offering of Sun Cellular postpaid. They recently slashed off the prices of select smartphones and even shortened the holding periods.

EDC: Sensory Buddies – Fiio, O+ Extreme, O+ Tag and Sony MDR-1A

Featured on this EDC are Fiio X3, O+ 360 Extreme, O+ Tag and Sony MDR-1A. Here are Gian's EDCs.

O+ 360 review

The O+ 360 is uniquely capable. Check out our full report.

O+ Grande Review

Here's our review of O+ Grande.

The Best Things in 2014: Gadget Pilipinas Awards

Oh hey! Check out the devices and games that made to our list!

O+ 8.17 Review

Every once in a while, a gadget comes along that makes you go, "They did what?!" The O+ 8.17 is one such gadget. It's the first and the only smartphone in...