n900 in the philippines

Nokia N900 Appears at Nokia Philippines Support Page

Yesterday, I blogged that a member of MeegoClub reported that Nokia SM North Edsa had already started selling Nokia N900. Though the said device is not yet available at the ‘Find Products’ section of Nokia Philippines Website, it is apparently present at the local Nokia Website’s Support page. Is this just normal or the Nokia N900 had really silently landed in the Philippines.

Gadget Pilipinas Created an Exclusive Forum for Maemo/Meego OS Users

Gadget Pilipinas recently created an exclusive forum for Filipino Maemo/Meego users – Meego Club Philippines. This will be a good opportunity to bond Nokia N900 users in the Philippines especially now that the said Maemo OS device (that will soon have the Meego OS in May 2010) is now officially out in the Philippines. (see related post here).

How to Initially Setup Your New N900

Congratulations on your new Nokia N900. I assume that you’re a geek and you know a bit about unix and networking that’s why you bought that phone. If you want to learn how to maximize the purpose and value of your phone then I guess you need to learn some N900 basics. I also assume that you have already updated your N900 firmware to Nokia N900 Firmware Updated to 2.2009.51-1.

Google Maps on N900

Good news! Although Google hasn’t given any support yet for Google Maps on N900, there is currently a workaround available that you can use. All you need to do is take simple steps to start using Google Maps on your N900.