Tomorrow is a special day for us dads and before anything else I would like to greet all fathers like me out there a Happy Father’s Day! Most small problems are becoming big because of communication problems. The absence of communication is the most common cause of broken relationships. As a father, I should understand the value of communications and it’s importance in strengthening the relationship. Just like Globe Telecom, they understand the value of connections and it seeks to bridge relationship gaps, to nurture and  strengthen bonds in order to make great things possible. In celebration of father’s Day, here is a short video from Globe which I featured in my previous article Globe Real Stories: Daddy’s Girl. It is a true-to-life video about a father and daughter who were reconnected by simply communicating. We will see how the power of communication bridges relationship gaps. [youtube][/youtube] The story in the…

Things You Need At This Time of Crisis

Another Ondoy is Imminent

The Philippines is bracing for an imminent follow-up to the horrifying Ondoy. Unfortunately, this is even worse than Ondoy as it affects not just Manila but the whole of Luzon and some parts of the Visayas.