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Pokemon Go is Coming to the Philippines in a few hours (*Update: Statement from...

There are plenty of reasons why Niantic should officially make the augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go, available in the Philippines.

Why I still play The Division

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcJRA0O3uQw&t=12m5s That’s it? Often, this is the question we gamers ask ourselves when we finish a much-hyped game’s single-player campaign. As is the case with most blockbuster shooter games, the single-player is too...

Playpark is bringing Kritika Online to SEA this May 2016

Are you into fast-paced action MMORPG? Then you better check this game out that will soon be available in the Philippines via Playpark.

Supercharge your Ultimate PS4 Gaming at Home with PLDT Fibr

PLDT Home X Sony Playstation! Woohoo! PLDT to bundle the Playstation 4 to new and upgrading PLDT Fibr customers. More details here.

Supercell Launches Clash Royale, Smart Fuels your Real-time Gameplay Experience with PasaData

Helsinki-based game company, Supercell, that developed the much-loved Clash of Clans has finally launched Clash Royale, a card-based multiplayer game that features the Royales.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Here's our review of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

7 New ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops That You Should Know

Here's a quick recap of the prices and features of the new ROG laptops of ASUS.

10 Things I Discovered while playing The Division Beta

I cannot wait to buy and play this game in March!!!!

NBA2K Online Open Beta Test is Now Online, Check Our Sample Gameplays

Basketball F2P Online game, NBA2K Online, promises to change the game. Open Beta Access, now available.

5 Things I Discovered While Playing Fallout 4

Fallout 4 came out a couple of days ago. I initially thought of getting the PS4 version of Fallout. Then I realized that since mods will probably come out first on PC,...

NBA2K Online now in closed beta testing phase for eager fanatics, Streetball and Career...

The final release-slash-launch date of NBA2K Online Philippines is fast approaching, but did you know that you can actually get a chance to play it right now, while you wait? That's...

Nightfall: Escape is a Filipino horror PC game that has us more curious than...

Even though we're avid PC gamers, there's always one type of game that we try to avoid as much as we can. And we're probably not alone in this, either. We...

Limited-edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle coming on November 17th for Php 19,990

Geeky gamers who have an affinity for both the long-running Star Wars franchise and Sony's PlayStation 4 gaming console will have something new to look forward to this coming November. In...

Our 2015 Top 5 Playstation 4 Console Bundles

Holy guacamole! We we just got tipped by our gaming friends that the Black Ops III Limited Edition Playstation 4 is finally become available this November 6! C'mon - just take...

Kickstarter Page of P.T. inspired game, Allison Road, is Now Up

The thrilling Silent Hills playable demo, P.T., is already out in the picture, but it's "spiritual" successor, Allison Road, may soon become available via PC, Xbox One or PS4 in December 2015 or early 2016.

Unchartered: The Nathan Drake Collection Pre-Order Starts this September 8

Fans of Nathan Drake and the iconic Unchartered Series are in for an awesome treat.

Razer Store Officially Opens in the Philippines

It is without a doubt that Razer is the leading manufacturer of e-sports-quality gaming peripherals and apparels in the world. Razer, headed by the very approachable and humble CEO, Min-Liang Tan, finally opened its...

Confessions of a Former Game Pirate

I was a video game pirate; and I've got plenty of realizations to share.