1more spearhead vr review


Every now and then, we come across with headphones that are positioned primarily for gamers. Logitech, Corsair, HyperX,  Sennheiser and ASUS Republic of Gamers have been pretty successful in establishing their gaming headphones to their target consumers. Who is 1More? A relatively new brand, 1More, has been trying to take a piece of the pie, and has been pretty successful in doing so. For the uninitiated, 1More is a brand that’s closely related to a much bigger brand, Xiaomi. In 2014, 3 former Foxconn executives founded the audio company to challenge Apple Inc.’s audio unit, Beats Electronics LLC. Thanks to a huge chunk of investment from Xiaomi Corp. 4 years later, the brand officially arrived in the Philippines thru Quantum Mobile Gears. 1More Spearhead VR is one of the new products that they introduced this year at CES. It isn’t shy of features geared for gamers, and has everything it takes…