agon monitors


Philips and AOC have been in the Philippines for quite some time now, and have proven themselves to be worthy of their position in the display and monitors industry. Though their rank dropped to #3 from #2 last year, Philips and AOC confirmed that their global shipments from 2017-2018 didn’t include devices other than displays and monitors. During a press launch at Shangri La Hotel in Mandaluyong, Philips and AOC announced new consumer monitors and display solutions. The products range from 4K HDR display to 1ms 144hz panel for PC and console gaming at crazy affordable prices. Philips kicked everything off with the announcement of their latest 43-inch display¬† (436M6VBRAB) that supports 4K and True HDR. It also features an unprecedented Ambiglow technology that brings users to a different kind of immersive experience. Here’s a quick rundown of the new monitor’s features: Superb video quality DTS Home theater surround sound…