apex 2019


In light of Vivo’s announcement of its new APEX 2019 concept phone, one feature really stood out – its in-display fingerprint scanner, which now covers the entire screen. That means you can basically tap anywhere on the display to unlock the phone, compared to say for example, the V11, which only assigns a specific region on the screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=108&v=4bnoAx27Aew Recently, a video has been posted online in the YouTube account – ifanr Video爱范儿视频, showing the device in its full glory, and even testing its new features. From  what we can see in the video, the phone sports a glossy back panel, but does seem to be made of plastic. Another thing that’s noticeable is the absence of physical keys, which are now replaced by Touch Sense Technology, which relies on capacitive touch and pressure sensing combined with carefully designed programming logic and software. The screen acts as the speaker, thanks to Body SoundCasting Technology.…