Apple has give its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup a much needed refresh. Not much for the look, but more of an internal upgrade of sorts, though minor. The new MacBook and MacBook Pros now boasts Intel’s 7th Generation Kaby Lake processors which uses a slightly tweaked version of the 14nm manufacturing process. This in turn provides a boost in CPU clock speed, and supports native acceleration for encoding and decoding 4K video. Other key improvements include: A slightly refined butterfly switch keyboard Faster SSDs Faster GPUs for the 15-inch models The 13-inch models comes with Intel’s Iris Plus GPUs, and will make use of dual core CPUs, while the larger 15-inch models be fitted with quad-core processors and faster discrete AMD graphics cards. Both the new MacBook and the non-Touch Bar version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro will have a starting price of $1,299, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a…

At it’s annual WWDC earlier today, Apple also announced the latest version of its operating system for MacBooks and iMacs, macOS High Sierra. Well, the name is as is, at least according to them. In any case, the new version brings improvements in some key areas such as performance, safety, and storage, thanks to Apple’s File System which will now be the standard, taking out the old Hierarchical File System. There are also refinements in mail and photos in particular, wherein they’ve now introduced some new editing tools. Here are some of the notable changes in this version: Apple File System has Replaced the Hierarchical File System (Faster, Safer) Safari now performs up to 80% faster when compared to Chrome Machine Learning is now integrated into Safari. This means that it can now intelligently identify and block ad trackers while your browsing the web. Autoplay Blocking for videos Mail app…

The grand daddy of all tablets – a 32gb New iPad Wifi + Cellular – has finally landed on my hands; and let me get straight to the point – it is truly an exquisite device. Since the dawn of the first iPad, Apple has revolutionized the tablet industry; the company became the impetus of a great change in consumer electronics. Suddenly, the word ‘tablet’ became a household name and made more sense. The iPad 2 even raised the bar even higher although it lacked features compared to its Android counterparts. In the end, it still stands as the top honcho of all all Post-PC devices. The New iPad’s LOOK The New iPad looks similar to the iPad2. This reminds me of the iPhone 4s compared the iPhone 4. If you look closer though, the new iPad has more depth (by .6mm) and it’s heavier (by 51g). I personally did…

Last night, I told my wife that it would be ideal that Steve Jobs would make the announcement of the iPad 3 in March and iPhone 5 in June 2012 to create and post significant mark to the total view and value of Apple, unless he dies before the year ends. And then, the unfortunate event happened this morning – Steve Jobs died. What would the world do without him? Read on.

33% thinner and 15% lighter – no we’re not referring to Steve Jobs – the iPad 2, in its slightly redesigned look indeed boasts a thinner and lighter build. It is thinner that the iPhone 4 and really looks better that its predecessor. Steve Jobs, announces the sequel to last year’s machine that defined the tablet computer category – the iPad 2.

After 2 months of using Apple’s most significant device since the iPhone, the Apple iPad, I can attest without a doubt that it has really set a new standard in mobile productivity and entertainment. It’s a true-blue game changer, which just recently – although not entirely because of it – “buried” its main competitor products – the Microsoft Courier and HP Slate.

Last January, Steve Jobs announced the Apple Ipad and its availability in April. As expected, those who watched his keynote had the usual Apple-Made-Me Smile-Again experience. (Here’s a link to my blog last January in case you haven’t read it yet.) April 3 came, and indeed, 500,000 bought it immediately, making it one of Apple’s bestselling devices in History. Several weeks later, I had the chance to have one and I’m writting this blog to share my almost-Nirvana experience while getting it out of its box.