asus rog phone review


There was an idea of bringing together the best things about the Republic of Gamers and mobile gaming. The former is known for its superiority in producing gaming laptops, peripherals, pre-built PCs and parts. The latter is a technology with a full-fledged ecosystem. However, Republic of Gamers is foremost a community than a product; it’s the reason why it’s called ‘republic’ in the first place. As a standalone gaming brand of ASUS, it built itself a nation of gamers, agnostic to any type of gaming device. When ROG eventually announced a gaming smartphone, it cemented its authority in the market as a benchmark of a gaming brand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECDtX1Xsz4s When I got my ROG Phone a few weeks ago, it threw me back to the time I was in Taiwan for Computex 2018. We all had an idea then that the phone will be announced in a separate ROG press embargo…